An Honest Review Of The Lost Ways

The Lost Ways is actually a survival guide created by Claude Davis which aids us to figure out how to make it through in the case of a significant financial blow or environmental disaster. As a matter of fact, without modern day conveniences such as water supply systems, electricity, connectivity like the Internet and the telephone along with a limitless availability of food, it would be extremely tough to lead our lives. The majority of us take these for granted while some are able to adjust quickly to the past ways our forefathers used to live prior to the introduction of such conveniences.

What Exactly Is In The Lost Ways Guide?

This awesome guide is a book consisting of 350 pages and in each chapter, Claude Davis explains important survival requirements that will help you to look after your loved ones. These consist of the following:

1. Water

This particular section offers useful info regarding how to safely gather, purify as well as conserve water when any environmental disaster pollutes the water supply systems and also in the event of drought.

2. Food

This chapter specifies the different ways to make superfoods that are full of nutrition.

3. Cooking

In this specific chapter, the author explains the ways to prepare conventional-style cookhouses which include how to smoke fish as well as meat.

4. Hunting

Here, you will be taught the ways to build prey traps for hunting fish, animals, and birds throughout the year.

5. House Building

In this chapter, you will comprehend how our forefathers were capable of constructing large and strong houses which include underground chambers that could support as many as 5 families without any difficulty.

6. Poultices/Medicine

Here you will be explained the ways to prepare conventional pastes and also blend therapeutic herbs for preventing you from getting sick and also curing ailments.

Besides all these, the book also includes additional bonuses covering a couple of reports written by Davis himself.


1. Extremely comprehensive.

2. Useful all-time survival abilities.

3. Available in both digital as well as print media.


1. Demands unbelievable dedication to follow.

2. Lack of tutorials or videos.

Final verdict:

From the above-mentioned Claude Davis’s The Lost Ways review, it is evident that the guide provides outstanding details relating to survival. Moreover, an experienced survivalist has created this book based on his own experiences. The methods and information provided are sensible and will surely give you the results since they are the identical skills which were used by our forefathers in the ancient days for surviving in the wild. However, make it a point to purchase this guide from reputable certified outlets and take pleasure in the extra advantages including cash-back guarantees.

10 Tips for Wilderness Survival

Nature is one of the greatest gifts the soil has to offer the human race. Not merely is the natural world packed with beauty and possibilities for excitement, studies have proven that exposure to nature increases our physical and mental health. However, in regards to embracing the great outside the house, there is a huge difference between enjoyment and survival. It is something to embark on a weekend long camping trip, and another thing desert to survive in the wild when all should go amiss. Here are ten tips to help you survive in the wilds.


Your body requires nutritional sustenance to survive. Foodstuff provides your body with the water, energy, and focus it needs as a way to properly function. Study to get food to survive in the wilderness.


Surviving without water is impossible. To be able to survive in the desert, you must know how to accumulate and purify water. You can do this in some ways. One way is to gather rainwater in traps or pots. Another way is by digging a foot-deep hole in a muddy area, and waiting for water to surface. Once you’ve accumulated your water, you must purify it. You can do so by cooking food your water over the fireplace in a tin or aluminum can, a goblet jar, or a vinyl bottle.


Learning first aid is an easy way to help ensure your survival in the wild. Knowing how to dress acute wounds and fashion splints properly and slings could be the difference between life and death in the backwoods.

How to commence and Maintain an Open Fire:

Light is essential for warmness and water purification. Consequently, knowing the way to get an open fire going and keep it going in both moist and dry environments is one of the primary success skills you require to survive in the wild.

Home defense purposes:

When you are in the wilderness, it is likely that you will find yourself in situations when you have to defend yourself or lose your daily life. Bringing the time to learn self-defense purposes and remembering to pack a pocketknife when leaving on an adventure are two different ways that can help you protect yourself in the wilderness.

Learn How to Restore Your Clothes:

Clothing repair may seem to be an out of date skill to master. Nevertheless, it comes to living through in the wild, preserving your clothes will offer you much needed protection and warmth.


Keeping yourself clean may be the last thing you think of when you think of wilderness your survival, but basic grooming skills can help maintain your health and keep you alive.

Expect the Unexpected:

Train your brain to expect the unforeseen, and accept the unpredictable. Your mental outlook greatly influences your morale, and your confidence significantly affects your ability to endure.

Worldly Awareness:

Get aware of your area, and the dangers and advantages they have to offer. Awareness can help you to be a stronger and fruitful survivor.

Practice Will make Perfect:

At the end of the day, no matter how many safety measures you take, preparations you make, or intelligence you cultivate, coping with the wild poses a personal challenge. Continue to develop a survivalist mentality – begin to see the possibilities objects in nature offer you, learn the art of scrounging and develop your ingenuity. Push on, no subject the direness of the circumstances, and you will be well on your way to being a real survivalist